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Free Roaming with MultiIMSI™ Free2RoamSIM - Coverage in 65+ countries

Now you can go abroad and make huge savings with the MultiIMSI Free2RoamSIM. Our Roaming SIM offers huge savings compared to other mobile network operators like O2, T-Mobile, Virgin etc while making and receiving calls abroad. To see how much you can save , just click here for a rates comparison.
  • FREE incoming calls in many countries
  • No hiddent costs
  • 65+ countries incl. USA & EU
  • Your credit never expires
  • Works in all UNLOCKED GSM phones
  • People calling the Free2roamSIM only pay the same rate as if they were calling a mobile phone in the UK!
Save upto 95% on your international mobile roaming bills with Free2RoamSIM.

Checkout some of our roaming charges for the following destinations...

What is the MultiIMSI™ Free2RoamSIM?

MultiIMSI™ Free2RoamSIM is a sim card with pre-paid credit that allows you to use your mobile phone while travelling abroad without incurring expensive roaming, calling or texting charges.

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